The Importance of Learning in an Excess of Time

While Coronavirus has certainly already done a great deal of harm and will continue to do more, it has also given us a once in a life time opportunity to gain knowledge and learn skills that we otherwise would never have had the time for. It is important that we do not waste this surplus of time. While entertainment and mindless relaxation certainly has it value, we should all spend some of this time enriching ourselves. In one of my recent posts, I listed a few books that I think provide a great deal of interesting information and help the reader better understand German history. More than just reading, though, I think that writing about history, not necessarily in any kind of formal manner, is critical to truly understanding it. The thought process that goes into writing improves one’s understanding of a subject far more than reading about it ever can. I hope that some of you will take this advice and read and write history in the coming weeks and months of quarantine. There is value in historic knowledge, but even more value in the ability to communicate that knowledge to others through the written word.

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