April 1st in German History: The Birth of Otto von Bismarck

On April 1st, 1815, Otto von Bismarck was born. Bismarck was, of course, the chief architect of German unification and the most famous practitioner of Realpolitik. Born a junker noble, he first became involved in politics during the Revolution of 1848 when he staunchly supported the monarchy against liberal reformers and revolutionaries. His actions earnedContinue reading “April 1st in German History: The Birth of Otto von Bismarck”

Budgetary Crisis and German History

Right now, the House of Representatives is blocking a stimulus Bill which Republicans say will help prevent the Coronavirus from further damaging the economy. This is not the only time in recent history when Congress has failed to pass a spending bill. Readers will remember the several government shutdowns of last year. Stepping back fromContinue reading “Budgetary Crisis and German History”

Today in German History: March 21

March 21st, 1871 On March 21st of 1871, Otto von Bismarck was made Chancellor of the German Empire. Bismarck, Prussian noble and prominent conservative, was instrumental in German unification. His orchestration of the Schleswig-Holstein War with Denmark and then the Seven Weeks’ War made Prussia the primary power in Germany. Soon after, he goaded FranceContinue reading “Today in German History: March 21”