April 3rd in German History: The Death of Johannes Brahms

A few weeks ago, I discussed the life and accomplishments of Beethoven on the anniversary of his death. Today is the anniversary of the death of another composer who, while perhaps not as well known as Beethoven, is still famous in his own right and is still important today. One April 3rd, 1897, Johannes BrahmsContinue reading “April 3rd in German History: The Death of Johannes Brahms”

Today in German History, March 26th

Today is the 193rd anniversary of Beethoven’s death, but I think that it is important that we remember his accomplishments during his life. Beethoven became a musical genius very early in life due in large part to the rigorous instruction of his Father. His music became well-known early and he was considered a youth protege.Continue reading “Today in German History, March 26th”