May 10th in German History: The Franco-Prussian War Ends

With the exception of the Napoleonic Wars, the Franco-Prussian War was perhaps the most important in 19th century Europe. It saw the Kingdom of Prussia and her German allies quickly defeat the armies of Napoleon the Third and occupy Paris, surprising the neutral powers and destroying the Third French Empire. Its most significant result, however,Continue reading “May 10th in German History: The Franco-Prussian War Ends”

German History Books that I Recommend

While sequestration in one’s house for weeks and months at a time is certainly frustrating, it does give us a rare opportunity to expand our knowledge of the world. Taking a break from the discussion of German history for a day, I wanted to offer up some books on the subject that I have readContinue reading “German History Books that I Recommend”

March 31st in German History: The First Moroccan Crisis

One topic that often receives little attention in American history courses are the crises that preceded the First World War but were resolved. The most important of these crises was the Agadir Crisis of 1911 which saw France and Germany clash over France’s Moroccan expansion. That crisis, though, was only the last of multiple MoroccanContinue reading “March 31st in German History: The First Moroccan Crisis”