May 6th in German History: The Hindenburg Disaster

Before there were passenger airplanes, massive Zeppelins traveled between continents and countries carrying passengers and cargo. The Zeppelin Era lasted for decades, but would have been ended simply because of advances in airplane technology and the inherent inefficiency of the Zeppelin. Its demise, however, was hastened by the destruction of the Hindenburg which occurred onContinue reading “May 6th in German History: The Hindenburg Disaster”

May 5th in German History: The Birth of Karl Marx

The 19th century had no shortage of influential philosophers, economists, and political theorists. Emmanuel Kant, Friederich Nietzsche, Soren Kierkegaard, and many others helped develop modern thought and influenced modern politics and culture. Perhaps the most influential philosopher of all, though, if only for the harm his ideas caused, was Karl Marx. Karl Marx was bornContinue reading “May 5th in German History: The Birth of Karl Marx”

April 7th in German History: The Algeciras Conference and the Attack on Munster

Today is the anniversary of two important events in German history. The earlier one occurred in 1906. On April 7th of that year the Algeciras Conference ended when Germany, Britain, France, the US, Russia, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and several other nations signed the last act of the Algeciras Conference. The Act provided for the creation ofContinue reading “April 7th in German History: The Algeciras Conference and the Attack on Munster”

April 5th in German History: Lothair the First Becomes Holy Roman Emperor

April 5th is the anniversary of one of the far less known events in German history. On April 5th, 823, Lothair the First was made Holy Roman Emperor. Lothair was the son of Louis the Pious and he ruled along with his father until 840. Louis was the son of the first Holy Roman Emperor,Continue reading “April 5th in German History: Lothair the First Becomes Holy Roman Emperor”

German History Books that I Recommend

While sequestration in one’s house for weeks and months at a time is certainly frustrating, it does give us a rare opportunity to expand our knowledge of the world. Taking a break from the discussion of German history for a day, I wanted to offer up some books on the subject that I have readContinue reading “German History Books that I Recommend”

Coronavirus, the First World War, and Germany

Given the current focus on the Coronavirus, and the widespread fear of it, it is relevant to German history and the present situation to discuss how the last great pandemic, the Spanish Flu, affected Germany and its efforts to win the First World War. Obviously, the rapid spread of the Spanish Flu through the GermanContinue reading “Coronavirus, the First World War, and Germany”

Today in German History: March 21

March 21st, 1871 On March 21st of 1871, Otto von Bismarck was made Chancellor of the German Empire. Bismarck, Prussian noble and prominent conservative, was instrumental in German unification. His orchestration of the Schleswig-Holstein War with Denmark and then the Seven Weeks’ War made Prussia the primary power in Germany. Soon after, he goaded FranceContinue reading “Today in German History: March 21”